Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wellingore to Lincoln

From Wellingore, we thanked the farmer for letting us stay, the Viking Way follows a steep embankment through Navenby, Boothby Graffoe and onto Waddington and into Lincoln City.
Finding a campsite was not easy but the information centre in Lincoln was very helpful in telephoning a campsite called The Grange.
Once there, we were very pleased!
Our first night proved very interesting as there happened to be a meteor shower and with a clear night, myself and the other campers enjoyed a spectacle that doesn`t get seen very often in this part of the world, and after cups of tea and friendly chats, it was time for bed and a little lie in!
We got up around 9am, alot later than usual and today would be the day when we would explore Lincoln and its cathedral - we were not disappointed.
From the modern parts of Lincoln, you can see the old town, but be prepared for the steep hills that take you upto the old town and the Cathedral, it really is breathtaking!The old town stands proud overlooking the new and the entwined old roads, some still cobbled helps you step back in time and appreciate how this area was built up over centuries and the workmanship that went into its buildings, the cathedral itself is phenomenal.

From the old gates and the old town The waterways are a lovely site with swans swimming happily around, being fed by the locals theyr`e in good health!

Different sides of the cathedral, built at different time periods.

Inside the Cathedral Stained glass windows painstakingly put together told there own story. There is a big round window, but i couldn`t get a good picture of it.

The oldest gravestone?

Lord Byron Tennyson and his faithful companion.

One of the gates guarding the city.

The entertainment in the street was just that, entertaining.
This gentleman resembled a statue and with his motionless poise on a hot, sunny day, was to be admired, especially when a young woman passing became his unsuspecting victim of "boo!" in which she did jump out of her skin! We all laughed and enjoyed the spectacle and many waited to see who the next unsuspecting victim would be!

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