Sunday, 25 July 2010

Scarborough to Ravenscar

From our campsite we walked to the cliff to pick up The Cleveland Way and were blessed with a lovely sunrise.
It showed us what a day we would have and we were not wrong, it turned out to be a scorcher!
We even had time to pose!

I took a fun picture of "Thelma and Scooby Doo" - ok, me and Willow, our shadow stretching on the sand floor.
A signpost showing the way

Ravenscar is only about 10 miles from Scarborough, but it is very up and down along the cliffs and seems to sap the life out of you! Again mountains on the coast!

Scarborough Castle can still be seen some 5 miles away.
Its tower still prominent in the afternoon sunshine.
It wasn`t long before we hit Ravenscar and stayed in a secluded spot.
It was a very comfortable evening complete with a sunset to boot!

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