Monday, 13 February 2012

A Little Bit Of The White Stuff!

It makes for wonderful pictures but causes havoc to transport and health.
But whilst the 8 mile trek to work is good exercise, and not a sole about, I often think of the sausage sandwiches I once gave out to a group of homeless people during a worse time than this and wonder if they ever made it of the streets (like myself) or whether they are still out there waiting for someone else to give them a helping hand.
Even when I lived rough, I still somehow managed to appreciate the little things around - even now - and I still don`t feel the cold and there are days when I long to return to the open road, and go exploring again, but I work with people who need me and, more importantly, I need them, but for now I enjoy walks with Willow and the challenges that are ahead, but in my heart and mind when things get tough, I can switch of and go back to those days of walking and not knowing where we`ll end up or who we`ll meet.
Even now I`ll walk places many would not tread, for I don`t feel afraid, life is a journey.........
Willow enjoying a run around

The road that is normally busy is devoid of vehicles and its tracks, only animal tracks walking down the centre down of a dark and isolated lane.
No lights show the way and moonlight is different because of its orange colour and another planet dances its way around in the foreground of the moon (below, just to left)  

The air frost (or whore frost as it is properly called) makes for the brightness of the trees from green to brilliant white.

 Willow showing the way of playing in the snow!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Gentle Beginning.....

After an untimely rest and the middle a spreading,
It was time to get out and start the shedding!
With Willow in tow, and leading the way
We headed out on a glorious winters day....
They were paths we had previously taken
Five miles of hard breathing and shaking!
As Willow strolled without a care in the world,
I observed with eyes pleasantly open,
remembering why I had enjoyed the many fields and undiscovered paths,
Where had I been this winters last?
Sadly not well, that is true,
My body recovering from winter blues,
But now the time for recovery and healing,
With faithful friend following and feeling.
If I am slow, She does not stray, 
But watches and waits come what may.
She gently nudges her nose at my body pushing me on,
Willing me to play and make the journey home.
But I won`t let her down, it is good to get out,
I walk gingerly, there is no doubt,
But with faithful by my side
I no another year ahead with plenty of walking to be done,
I no i`ll get stronger and not feel sad,
Life is a journey and one to be had........


With some snow that has fallen,
It made for pleasant pictures 
And with the shadows of Willow and me doing our sand impression,
It made me smile and a good walk was complete.