Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year From The Bin Bag Grannies And Grandads!


 Happy New Year to one and all and lets have a good one with good cheer and friends galore!

Speaking which, we must be a faithful lot,
Watching our football team go from the top, to near bottom.
But we are proud black country lads and lassies travelling from near and far to watch our team play in Old Gold and Black, but we aim for days of glory, but for now a happy end to a seasonal story.
As we sit in a stand not yet built with pouring rain lashing down on us, we watch with great anticipation at the way they play. But we are not disheartened with the pouring rain as cheery songs ring around the ground, "We`re all getting wet over here!" And "Our spirits will not be dampened for we shall not be moved!"
We must all be mad, but do the Wolves Players and management know what support they have? They have the support and believe in us all,  so come on lads give us  some cheer, `cos were all here in our bin bags in good spirits, all us grannies and grandads!
"I`m not that daft, I`m sat at home by a warm fire, waiting for the wet ones to arrive and I can dream of long walks ahead and as it is my Birthday, I`ll enjoy a good drink and bring in the New Year!"