Sunday, 25 July 2010

Scarborough Castle and the BBQ

Scarborough castle dates back to around medieval times and although some of it has now disappeared into the sea, its tower and remaining grounds still pose a formidable site.
The castle and surrounding area has had finds from the early saxon times and these can be found in a section of the castle museum.
Alot of the finds were from the war between the parliamentarians and Cromwell, mainly musket balls.

Although in ruins, it still tells a story - if only walls could talk!
The views give an indication of the vantage point, but many of the walls that once surrounded it have fallen into the sea, but you get an idea of the size it once was just by looking at the remaining walls.
Everyday, the flag is hoisted atop of the tower, when the attraction is open.
Why not try the cafe at the castle?
Flying high above, many a flag has been hoisted here, all poiniant reminders of who owned it and who they were defending.
Nowadays it is not hoisted in anger or of defendant, just as a symbol of its country.
The Barbeque
Staying in Scarborough I decided to put on a BBQ, but not any ordinary BBQ, but one where people could come and enjoy it.
I was entering into unchartered territory, I had never done a big BBQ before and certainly not one where I had invited people to join in.
I didn`t have a reason for the invite, but I went and bought a bag of BBQ chicken packs, chicken legs/wings/breast, sauages, tomatoes, burgers and potatoes with rolls and butter and paper plates and cups, the only requirement I asked people to bring was their own drinks!
So, armed with trays of charcoal, I headed on down the beach, not sure whether this would be a good idea or not.
It was also as an added fundraiser, but I left it to people whether they wanted to contribute or not.

Someone turned up with a table and others bought a makeshift brick/slab table to put the trays on!
Others turned up with salad and drinks and it turned out to be a good idea afterall - so long as I didn`t food poison anyone!
It was a lovely afternoon and people said that the British spirit is there but these days people are too afraid to do anything because of health and safety or peoples general suspicion of each other, which is very true, but here on this afternoon, for a few hours before the tide came in, it was a time for people to mingle and forget differences and enjoy good company.
It only took one person with an idea to bring people together, will you be the next on?

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  1. war between Parliamentarians and Cromwell? quite a narrow, internicine quarrell, that: he was, of course, a Parliamenterian