Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What`s In The Rainbow?

A couple of weeks ago we had a few thundery storms (due more weekend!).
So as I do, I like to take pix of the rainbows that come out.
Nothing unusual their, you may say, so I took four pictures and all slightly different, especially with the white "blobs" showing up.
Had I caught something unusual entering our rainbow system?
Was it the orbs of people shining through the rainbow?
Or was it simply raining and I had caught the mists of raindrops?
Or could it be reflects of light dancing around the rainbows?
If this is so, why are all the pictures different and only a few seconds apart?
(1), a rainbow, (2) a few "blobs" showing here and there, (3) back to rainbow and (4) more reflective lights and blobs.
What d`you make of them?

I think the mystery may have been solved.......
In pictures 2 and 4 they are considerably brighter, so it is assumed the sun may have played a trick on us, but has it?
Then it was noticed that a couple of the "orbs" were actually rising (going up) and not coming down, this now intensified our curiosity as also some were considerably brighter than others.
Bugs were debunked, they weren`t but unexplained dances of light which has many a person mystified..........