Sunday, 25 July 2010

St. Mary`s church and Anne Bronte And The Rainbow Center

St. Mary`s church in Scarborough sits high upon a hill, like Scarborough Castle.
It was originally built on an old Saxon area and it too is steeped in history.
It is open everyday and is well worth a look inside, indeed it took me a good couple of hours to walk around it and appreciate its building.
Over the centuries it has been added on, very subtly and very beautiful.
It is also the resting place of Anne Bronte, one of the Bronte Sisters.
How did Anne get to be here in Scarborough?
Well, she loved Scarborough and wanted to return here.
Her story is also told in the church, which you can read for yourself.
One thing of note was that there were several mistakes first put on her headstone which had to be removed, today there remains only one.
Like so many people, I too placed flowers upon her resting place, as I have read some of the books written by the Bronte Sisters.
The Rainbow Center
Situated just down the hill from the church is a place called the Rainbow Center.
It is run by volunteers and helps everyone within the community.
I popped in to see for myself and to speak to some of the people it is helping.
I had a cup of tea and a friendly chat and went back on my return to Scarborough to offer my help, even if it was for a short time.
During my time here, I had met people who were homeless and in difficulties. Many people give these people a wide berth, me? I take time out to speak and give a friendly ear, they are only human after all.

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