Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bridlington to Scarborough and Raspberry mishmash

Willow enjoyed her playing, sometimes getting sticks bigger than herself!
A grasshopper on the beach, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun.
For this part of the route, Scarborough is about 24 miles from Bridlington, but we would follow the coastline that would take us through Flamborough Head with the big old lighthouse.
When it is foggy, the horn at Flamborough Head can be heard for miles even when the beam of light cannot be seen at sea.
You can take a different route and not go to Flamborough Head, but through what is called Danes Dyke, but no one seems to know why it is called that, and no nothing to do with the Danes landing here!
From here, just follow the coastline to Filey, going through Bempton, which has a nature reserve for the birds, which is RSPB owned, so pop into the cafe there and visit the shop.
The Cleveland way was picked up here and the route to Scarborough was very interesting with the cliffs giving a spectacular views of the sea and the route ahead and the warmth that the day had was still unbelievable, especially for early september.
We did eventually get to Scarborough and stayed their for a couple of days.
The Thing with warm days and still very pleasant evenings is the variety of food still available and for this recipe, I did cheat and had a tin of raspberries as I love raspberries!
Raspberry Mishmash
1 tin of raspberries (fresh British raspberries are available July/August)
2 Merringue Nests
1 small carton whipping cream
1 Flake (or 2 if your a chocoholic!)
Whip the cream until stiff but fluffy.
Drain the juice from the raspberries and add raspberries to cream, stirring in.
Crush the merringue nests and add to cream and raspberries
Grate/cut up flake(s) and add to mixture, give a quick stir and indulge in loads of calories!
You can drink the raspberry juice if you want or add it to another dish if you like!

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