Friday, 17 December 2010

Welcome To Wolverhampton!

Wolverhampton is a weird sort of city!
Recently voted as the worst place to visit, I`m writing this as a bit of a disappointed black country lass and would like to put the pen pusher who has never visited Wolverhampton to get of their behinds and come and have a look!

Wolverhampton was an old Saxon village, is mentioned in the doomsday book and over time has developed from a town and received city status only 20 years ago.
It is situated in the West Midlands at the heart of the Black Country, so called because of the industrial revolution that flourished in this area during the Victorian Era and remnants of those days can be clearly seen along the canal route that flows through here and you can walk the whole of the towpath right upto Albrighton in Staffordshire.
Its native tongue has been voted as the one most people would trust and be happy here, but then again, it has also been misconstrued as its people are thickies when we are clearly not!
This is a short dictionary of words, should you come across us!
Yow = you
cor = wow! or can`t, depending on sentence 
Bostin = perfect
Am Ya = are you
O Ar = oh yes!
Plies = please
Tar = thankyou
It`s communities are diverse and multi-cultural and I noticed the difference when I went back at how the languages have changed and that English is slowly becoming a second language.
Very true there are areas that are very run down, property developers have brought these areas, then alas the credit crunch and now just dilapidated buildings awaiting a major transformation instead of a lick of paint.
Its football team is one of the oldest in the U.K Formed in 1877 its old gold and black a proud history that helps transform the town and its communities, uniting one and all in times of triumph, though it once nearly disappeared in the dark days of the 1980`s due to unscrupulous owners, but these days, it is flourishing with a many a well known name starting here and moving on to bigger clubs - pity!
Wolverhampton also boasts its real ale company - Banks`s and the smell of the malt and hops wafts in the air really quite pleasant! 
But with good colleges, universities and a wealth of history and pride and passion that makes you feel welcome, I challenge you to have a look and don`t judge before you do, you may well regret it!

Even on a miserable, wet day, St Peter`s Church  Still has the air of authority and part of the high street with its old buildings reminding us of the architectures who designed them.

This time of year the high street is now full of marques and music fares with a hustle and bustle of people, trying to keep the city going.

Wolverhampton`s football ground is very impressive and even the cities library built in the 1880`s has not changed over time, though the new Mander and Wulfrun centres are almost identical, but they house alot of the indoor shops and many household names.

 The tram system has been reinvented in the black country with new routes planned, though why they took up the old tram system back in the 1960`s is beyond me!

Beatties , like Woolworths, is one of the oldest names and shops in the world and I believe we have the biggest with three stories and everything of quality under one roof.
The new market clock in an old market town. 
 This is possibly the oldest building in Wolverhampton dating back to the 11th century and the wood and dowels are visible on the side of the building.
 Visit Banks`s you won`t be disappointed.....
 Quirky buildings at every corner! This used to be Lloyds bank back in the 1980`s, but is now a tattoo parlour and the lady who owns it was recently on come dine with me and won it! 
Sadly, like with alot of places at the present time, reminders of a recession and the development that is not being done and eyesores remain.....
Little reminders that famous and important people once frequented Wolverhampton.
Bantock House in Bradmore, Wolverhampton, contains generations of history and is open to the public.
The grounds to Bantock House, where Willow loves chasing the squirrels!
For a good and inexpensive meal and a drink why not visit the Bradmore Arms in Bradmore, it is an old building that has fought and won many battles, even against the dreaded supermarket chains who wanted to turn it into that and ruin the heritage.

There is alot more to see like the Art Gallery, Tettenhall Park, its night life, its pride, its passion........


  1. What a fascinating post and a great tour guide you are. To be honest it's always a place that I have waved at from the moving train although to be fair I have stood on the station platform once waiting for the Shrewsbury train. I can associate with the word "tar" but maybe not the word "Plies" (LOL) ... Accents are my thing and I try to impersonate them. You have given me some ammunition for me to start on this region. Don't be depressed about the football team selling good players to those higher... I know the feeling only too well ! I love the story about the Quirky building, Tattoo parlour and Come Dine with me... too many things going on there that I had to start laughing.

  2. You've made a good advertisement for the city. I'll put it on my list of 'must see.' The problem with Brits is that you've all got far too many interesting and/or beautiful places in such a small area. I, for one, love the various accents encountered. My biggest problem with any accent is accidentally picking it up which has, at least once, been misconstrued as making fun of it. Thanks for the great pics. We're on our way as soon as airfare is down.