Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Water Railway Track

We (well me, Willow can`t talk!)decided to walk a new section of a cycle/walking route that goes from Lincoln to Boston, but we would only travel as far as Woodhall Spa.
This part of the route follows The River Whitham, with The Viking Way running parallel to the Water Railway Track.
The Viking Way leaves the flat track near Fiskerton and back to crossing through farmers fields.
The Water Railway Track is very flat, but has several ponits of interest along the way, otherwise it would be a boring walk! Sorry, but not much changes along the route.
The view of the city and cathedral made for a lovely interesting walk.
A signpost showing the way.
Willow didn`t mind the chance to explore another route!
The flat walk and ash route was friendly on the feet!
The canal is like the rest of the canals, man made to transport coal and other goods up and down the country.
There are several points of interest, all made out of metal and when walking behind, we thought a lady had stopped in her stride, if you look at her from a front view it looks as though she is walking towards you - scary!
Overall, it was nice to be on the flat and to try and envisage what was once a busy railway line and canal route, but I was glad to get to Woodhall Spa!

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  1. When I was staying in Lincoln during May for the weekend, I picked up a leaflet about this art and sculpture trail. I would have been good to spend a bit more time to do this but unfortunately I couldn't fit it in.........another time perhaps.