Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Train and Edinburgh

With glorious sunshine we boarded the train, only to be informed it would be delayed.
It was the 07:55, but ended up being the 09:10! 
Well we waited and then slowly moved out of Inverness and then hurried along the track!
With hastened speed we did go, with the train tilting this way and that.
We passed beautiful surroundings that had been enveloped by bad weather coming up, but now showed true rugged Scotland form.
And with the station names also in Gaelic, it showed true character and a willingness to learn more.

Onwards we travelled at great speed, passing through Dunblane, Gleneagles, Perth, Pitlochry, Kinguisse and Aviemore.
We were told that there was snow on Ben Nevis, the first time in 50 years, some were saying!
We made Edinburgh in good time, only an hour and 30 mins late! But well worth the long wait.

Edinburgh is a lovely and huge city and the old parts of it are over 500 years old and still standing (more than can be said for the new buildings!)

With famous statues tall and elegant.

To a green and pleasant park in the centre.

The famous Blackwatch remembered in conflicts past.

To tales of folk adorning the walls

To public houses being named after famous people, this one was called The Ensign Ewart.
A lovely old styled inn that has been an inn since the 1600`s.
They do excellent meals and help raise money to buy Guide Dogs for the blind. The money raised here has helped pay for 3 dogs.
Ensign Ewart.

Part of the old high street.

The Witchery and Scots Whiskey centre, where you can take a tour and sample the local dram!

Meet "William Wallace" actually his name is Adam Watters and he has own website: informing you of the history of the Legend and Hero William Wallace.

I popped in and visited the Edinburgh old town weaving company and this was one section of the building.

Then another showing the workings of the weaving and making of the Kilts.

How the kilts were made centuries ago.

And todays modern technology.
You can buy allsorts of items from here from glass trinkets, to coat of arms and scarves, kilts etc.

Then onto Edinburgh Castle itself, a huge fort that has been added on, but it is in pristine condition and busy all year round.
I spent 3hrs walking round, you actually need longer, next time I will.

The view from the gatehouse, I couldn`t believe the space!

The view from the top of the castle!
I Could tell you alot more about the castle, but that would spoil anyone`s visit, but go along and visit Edinburgh and if you can go for Hogmany You`ll be pleasantly surprised and a warm welcome awaits......

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  1. What a fascinating and informative post. It's a few years since I did the Inverness - Perth trip on a day charter but a great journey.
    An unusual and interesting set of Edinburgh photos that I'll have to look into. I was there in March which was before I started my blog...I also got the photo of William Wallace.. Good album.