Saturday, 17 March 2012

One Last Walk Together - Please

We have been companions for 10 years, you rescuing me and me you, but now sadly it looks like our journey together is nearly over and it breaks my heart to have to tell people that.......

I haven`t been on-line or walking anywhere recently due to Willows sudden decline in health.

We have been travelling companions for a long time, trusting each other to get the other one home!
Even as a carer, Willow was one too, providing comfort to those who were terminally ill or those that just missed their pets and to see vacant eyes suddenly shine is a comfort even for her.
But as I write this knowing that she was only lent to me and that behind those sparkling big brown eyes she knew what I was saying and hung on every word.
I hope I have given her a good life and I hope she and you will be with me for maybe one last journey, going back to where we enjoyed our time the most, Weymouth and Paignton, walking small distances along the South West Coast in a couple of weeks.
I hope she will join me, it won`t  be the same otherwise.............