Monday, 14 February 2011

Mae`r Cwm Elan Yn Eich Croesaw - The Elan Valley Welcomes You

Thankyou for your kind words, I am well and truly on the mend and looking forward to more walks with Willow!

One of my favourite places to visit is the Elan Valley in the heart of Mid Wales, Powys.
If you enjoy peace and quiet and surroundings where nature still rules, then this could be the place for you........
Approximately 4 miles from Rhayader (a town which over the years has grown but is wonderful to stay and eat in, more will told on  my next visit)
Elan Valley is home to a reservoir that the people of Birmingham rely on as the water goes from here to there!
The reservoir is man made and was built in the victorian times.
The dams are impressive in their architecture, in keeping with the victorian era.
The landscape around shows old scars of an old train line that ran from here to Aberystwyth.
The Elan Valley visitor centre is open daily and does a lovely cup of tea.
The centre also shows a film about the making of the reservoir and the arduous conditions that the people had to endure in the making of it.
The small village of Elan is across a new suspension bridge, the old one closed in 1988, with a few houses left, it has a proud community that has stood the test of time.
The surrounding views of the Elan Valley are staggering and with plenty of walks to explore what more could you ask for?
It also does help if you learn a little Welsh.
It is an old language and and it is quite hard to learn, but give it a go, the Welsh are very proud of it.

The Dam in full flow

Enjoy your visit! - mwynhaw eich ymweliad! 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Having spent a few weeks poorly with pneumonia, it was nice to finally be out and about again and I have had a slight misshap with the camera, changing to black and white, something of a bygone era, but it can give some good and bad results!
Bridgnorth is about 15 miles from Wolverhampton and certainly has a character all of its own.
It dates back to around the 7th century and many of its early inhabitants lived in sand caves which are still evident today but are very unstable.
The River that flows through Bridgnorth and further into Shropshire is the Severn and is quite a formidable force when it is swollen! 
Bridgnorth has a high town and a Low town.
The Low town houses some lovely old buildings and going up the major steep hill to high town takes you to the old Market area, which every saturday without fail and even in the harshest of winters the market traders are out in force.
Bridgnorth also boasts its own carriage lift which comes with a full time job and a house! An old job with old traditions.
The Severn Valley Railway also goes through these parts and with the good scenery showing the sandstone cliffs and years of old time history, no wonder it is still a favourite with many visitors.
Its castle which has a bit of a lean to effect was featured on time team a couple of years ago, so there is more to look at than the photos suggest.....

 The Old Market building...

 Some of High Towns Old oak timbered buildings....

The Old Church and remnants of the castle ruins......

A Dedicated Monument.....

View from a bridge with the river severn flowing quietly along....

The Carraige lift can just be seen going up.......

Yes it is The Severn Valley Train going on by, but I think they were just testing it before the spring and summer jaunts!

You`ll enjoy Bridgnorth with plenty of places to go and visit and eat and drink, you are assured of a warm welcome, even on a frosty day!