Monday, 19 July 2010

The Black Country Living Museum

Back In the Midlands time off was important, gave me and Willow a chance to recover and spend time with the family, whilst planning our next journey.
We decided to go to The Black Country Living Museum.
I had always wanted to go their, its on the doorstep but never visited it....until now!
With the canal route and "legging" to be explored, go back in time and see how they dressed and the conditions they lived in.
Why not try the fish and chips - they still wrap them in newspaper!
Oh the good old days!
We had a wonderful day and going to the old penny slot machines and going down the mines, and why not try the old sweets or freshly baked bread.
Go and see the blacksmith at work.
A day seemed too short to explore, but well worth a visit - judge for yourself.


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