Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Insanity Workout, Introduction

Everybody knows how back pain can be quite debilitating and I`ve suffered with it for over 20 years, but its no excuse to "let yourself go"
So, I decided after my recent operation of having my coccyx removed that I would try and get myself back into shape.
Anyone who`s ever had coccyx pain, where even everyday sitting (something we all take for granted that we can do) is a painful experience, will know exactly what I`m on about.
I also suffer from spondalithesis, but this has not stopped me from doing any job - or exercise, marathons can be painful, but train right and its almost a doddle!
So, when I saw an advert for The Insanity workout, I thought yeah, why not?
But, there was a problem, I couldn`t register my details, so decided to take it upon myself to keep a log and then e-mail Team BeachBody to say I`d done it and I deserve my T-shirt!
Well, I hope anyway!
I know many people in the UK who cannot register either, or get the support we need, so hopefully if the Team BeachBody personnel read this, they maybe able to set up something over here in the UK - it would be in their interests, as us Brits love a challenge!
So come on Team BeachBody cheer us Brits on - we need your support!!
The kit doesn`t come cheap, when I bought it at the beginning of the year it cost me £200, extortionate you may think, but as it will go on for years, the benefits should outweigh the pounds.
 Armed with the workout discs, body fat interpretation charts and nutrition books, wall chart and roll mat, I was ready!
Well, I hope so!

 There is only one problem with these books and that some of the drinks they recommend are tailored for the American market, so I`ve engineered my own UK version of the drinks, supplements and even some meals which should hopefully be just as good as the versions in the books.
The wall chart is pretty impressive, it should tell me of my progress, I hope!!
I just have to look at the bodies on the poster to get an idea of how I would like to look!
Oh well, beggers can`t be choosers!

And now for me!
Ok, I`m embarrassed, I do look a little like a wobble woman than someone who should be quite lean and fit!
So, these are my current results:
BMI : 31 
Body Fat : 28-29 mm = 35.4 for my age group of 41-45, which means I`m "overfat", UK terminology Obese!
Weight : 76.3 kg
Vital Stats : 38, 44, 39 (weird combination!)
Height : 164cm

Looks like I`ve some work to do and changing diet and everything else is not going to be easy, so wish me luck, first up is the Fit Test.........

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