Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Cleveland Way

Our new journey would take us back to the seaside and we would follow this route as far as Whitby to get the train upto Inverness for the final leg of our epic tour The Loch Ness Marathon.

Sadly our last trip that brought us up here is confined to history as I could save no data from the Wolds Way, I seriously loathe some websites for allowing this to happen and it has taken me nearly a year to re-write and put pictures onto the web so I`m hoping Google doesn`t fold either! Please keep going!!
Anyway, back to this trip!
The Cleveland Way starts at Filey, north of Bridlington, which is where we are starting and although Willow is not allowed on some sections of the beach, the one she is is still very active with windsurfers etc. I was careful to clean up after Willow as I didn`t want anyone walking in her mess. Human mess, now that is a different story.......
We stayed on the beach for a few nights and enjoyed the view from my "bedroom" - who could ask for more?

The early mornings were the best, no one around and on the sand were earl morning footprints, but the gentle calmness of the sea was inviting but a little chilly this morning!

Morning has broken and the RAF coastguard keeping a careful watch.
After a thunderstorm a rainbow shines the way and the sunshine returns.

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