Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ravenscar to Whitby, The finish of The Cleveland Way

I have decided to let the pictures do the talking....

Small cobbled streets of Robin Hoods Bay and a past reminder of how people came together during times of adversity.......

We stayed here and it was a good night to!
Peaceful and tranquil, the perfect spot.

Robin Hoods Bay and Ravenscar, in the distance.

Ciffs that were both beautiful and dangerous.
We watched as a helicopter transported someone to safety.

Don`t take the weather for granted.......

Is it a shark, a submarine or rocks that look like both?
Correct, it is jet coloured rock and these two features looked real from a distance, possibly looking like two submarines.... Make up your own mind.

One of the many views of Whitby Abbey.......
The end of a lovely and remarkable walk, and I shall do it all again, one day.......

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  1. I love Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby. I'm reminded of the alleyway where I waited ages for it to clear of people for the photograph with the second hand bookshop on the left and tearoom on the right