Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wansford And Thomas The Tank Engine!

Finally, Spring has arrived with shorts and T-shirts!
Wansford in Lincolnshire is another of the old, thatched villages with a colourful history that still comes through - even today.
We decided that we would follow part of the Nene Valley Way, which start a long way from here, Kings Lyn to be exact!
The route would take us to Yarwell where we would catch the steam train which would take us back to Wansford and then the final section of the walk would take us back to the village.

One of the many markers that point the way

Wansford Village hidden by the trees and the old Bridge that goes over the River Nene

Coming into the caravan park, the lock and the River being well used

No swimming here!

Going through the Lock, one of many that travel along the River

Meet Thomas` A welcome sight for those that were travelling along the Nene Valley Railway, which goes from this station all the way to Peterborough and back again, although Thomas would only be going to Wansford.
A wonderful nostalgic journey which was £3.00 per adult to Wansford.
The Nene Valley Railway is run by volunteers and they are always after people to lend a hand, I`m hoping to join them soon!
Wansford Station is a hive of activity of which there are other carraiges which has a memorabilia car, a post office carraige, below, giving details about the great train robbery and even a small train exhibition and an opportunity to see the work volunteers are currently doing and the various challenges that they face.

 Rejoining the route takes you down various quaintly named roads and tracks, this one being Lovers Lane!
And at the end of the walk, a well earned fish and chips with home made mushy peas and tartare sauce!

Not forgetting you are not far from the local parachute and flying centre.
We watched many a person jump out of this plane and the chutes open safely under glorious sunshine with intermittent cloud!

A Walk Round The Wrekin

Set in the heart of Shropshire is The Wrekin a Hill with many a tall tale to tell! In Shropshire it is one of the tallest hills around with magnificent views of the Malvern Hills and areas of Shropshire, but to get there can be challenging as there is a steady uphill climb.
There is also a folk tale of two feueding giants who are said to have had a fight with one crashing down the hill and whose groans can still be heard to this day!
 Having parked the car on the side of the road (the car park is small and generally full) we made our way onto the road/track that would take us to the top.
 This signpost, which is just passed a good cafe place which is run by the local farmer, actually says this way and that way!
Nearing the top the views beginning to reveal itself.
 The notice board telling you about life on the Wrekin and the importance it once played as a hill fort.
Near the top is this unusual circular dome of place and how far they are from the Wrekin.
 The top, the triangulation pillar. And below one of the views await you, but you`ll have to see for yourself when you visit!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Beginning Of A Difficult Topic

Having been a carer, I have seen the best and worst in people, even ourselves, so when I first became one, I wasn`t sure what to expect, we all go into a job thinking we know it, but we don`t and are somewhat blinkered, believing things we have done is the norm and correct.
So, when the CQC first came to the place I worked at, I thought whats going on, we`ve not done anything wrong - have we?
It wasn`t until I found out someone who knew the rules more than those who had done the job for 20 years that suddenly questions grew and I no longer new, or lacked the instinct, of what I was doing.
I had only been in the job 4 months and suddenly I was questioning myself.
Had I done everything right?
Which direction do I take?
What is right and what is wrong?
When I saw the colleague who had whistleblown, I wasn`t sure what to do, but I heard others berating that person for doing what was best, suddenly I felt embarrassed because of their attitude towards that person, it was then that I decided to see what the outcome of the CQC report was and how much would change and the people within.
I kept records of incidents etc for the following 2 years, keeping "secret diaries" so to speak.
I wanted to make sure that what happened to this person would not be repeated, but it was, several times.......
As this is quite a long article, it will take several pages, but no names or places will be published to protect those that are continuing to do the work I have started, as for myself, like I said before I have a conscience and people have a right to know.
I care, like the thousands of others that do to.
The following Articles are about understanding and making people aware of what to look for when checking places out, even people, if necessary and that generally the places and its people are fantastic, doing a job, which at times stretches the most caring of people to breaking point, making split second decisions that can mean the difference between life/death, violence and diplomacy etc, 
These writings will take time to write, so bare with me, it is not the easiest of articles to write and to write them well and see both sides takes time, it cannot be seen as one sided, that is not the way I write.