Monday, 16 May 2011


Wychway bed and breakfast is just as mystical as Touchwood where I stayed last year.
It is a 17th century house which can boast its own "friendly ghost" and with all the witches hanging up and the broomsticks outside, you could be forgiven for checking the beds for bedknobs! 
You are guaranteed a Scottish warm welcome and the landlady will help you any way she can.

I decided that as a warm up I would  cycle and pay a visit to Drumnadrochit.
I had visited there once before and was a little unhappy about it, would it be the same again? No would be the answer....
The journey there would be different, I was on my new, lighter and custom made bike and I hadn`t ridden it for a great distance, so I was a little apprehensive and the route would be the main A82 which is the main road to Fort William.
Drumnadrochit would be a 15 mile cycle ride from the B&B and with glorious sunshine, a grand day too!

The route is also the main Loch Ness Trail and is pretty busy!

I had forgotten what a wonderful journey this was following the Loch with its twists and turns and my bike was proving itself, which made cycling a joy!
Gears moving with precision, though the only problem I had was cramp in my hand, not my leg or bottom - well I have to be different!
It wasn`t to long before Urquhart castle came into view and then Drumnadrochit itself and the Loch Ness Centre.
 After walking in and watching the video about Loch Ness, it was alot different to last time and I enjoyed the half an hour performance.
It seemed to be more informative and enjoyable and made you think is there a Nessie or is it a myth?
Me, I believe there is a Nessie hidden down in those dark peaty waters.
There are several excursions you can go on and take in the centre and castle, all worth the visit.
Well, so did my Mr Men and Little Miss Team believe and is that Nessie in the background?
After having something eat, it was time to head back to Inverness.
On the way a group of ducklings crossed the road, all but one, which was left on the rockside, I dismounted and grabbed it, waiting for the traffic to clear before taking it to the waters edge and watched as it chirped of to its mothers side! A happy ending.
It wasn`t long before I completed my journey with comparative ease, tomorrow would be a different test......


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  1. Nice set of pictures. I thought Drumnadrochit was further than that. It is a busy route for cyclists up the Great Glen.