Sunday, 30 October 2011

Reaching The Stars And Down Again!

Our Journey had been a long one, walking some tough terrain and in some climactic weather too, boiling hot to freezing cold that no matter how many blankets went on my bed I couldn't cope! Wimp!
But it was all worth it.
Once at the top I felt I could touch the sky and the starts beyond, it was that exhilarating feel that left you inspired and jealous of life`s luxuries.
I`m one that spends too much money on meaningless things, when here, it may cost a bit for the journey, but the rest of it is free, I think when I get back to the U.K I shall not fritter money away so quickly, not when what we do is mainly free and enjoyable.
I`ll let the photos do the talking.........


With beautiful views and mesmerising peaks, its a journey to savour and one I shall savour and the memories will live long within me.
Nepal is a country to be proud of with the Famous Gurkha's coming from here and Joanna Lumley fighting for their cause, they`ll always be welcome at my house, because they made us so welcome and so proud.........


  1. Beautiful post! I think it's true that when we visit a third-world country, it changes us - when we see how most of the world lives. It does make us re-order our priorities.

    What beautiful photos.

  2. Amazing photos and thoughts. I have been reminded this year by a couple of unique situations personal to me & also in another continent that even though we may just be able to get by in these modern economic times, we still have too much. Most things are costly but the best things in life are free. Some of them you mention here both in image and lyrically hidden.

    I used to buy lots of "culture" over many years that my finance book later said that I couldn't afford & my conscience said I could do without ! Other than the routine survivable expenditure, SD cards, petrol & accommodation, I now struggle to think of things I have bought. However my conscience is constantly being taught that there is always room for improvement !!