Thursday, 3 November 2011

Spirit Of A Nation

 In a land far from my own I have learned something many people haven`t been able to teach me, the true spirit of freedom and the true meaning of taking  nothing for granted.
I am not a religious person - nor will ever be - but the spirit of the heart and a journey within oneself during this epic journey, I believe I found myself.
It all sounds a little far fetched, but when you have seen things that we seldom see (or don`t want to) then certain values are put into perspective.
I have witnessed the kindness of people here, no malice, just an ever increasing eagerness to give what they have (no matter how little) and ask for nothing in return.
Don`t get me wrong, Nepal is a thriving part of the world with its fair share of problems, but, whereas in the UK money is no object with benefits galore that many have (and shouldn`t) and money rules every household, Nepal`s money comes second and what they don`t have they`ll find ways to work and get it and work as a nation, not as individuals filling in paperwork and seeing how they can fiddle a system.
It should put our nation to shame. 
In a world where poverty still thrives in some parts, Nepal has dealt with many conflicts and its own freedom but it has something unique and indisputable........ Its Spirit Of A Nation.
I had wanted to return here and I`m glad I have, it has taught me a valuable lesson, enjoy what you do and don`t let anyone turn you away from your dreams, grab hold of things that are important and not immaterial and learn to live without hate and anger,this Country and its People have given me a spirit within that never existed - thankyou.

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  1. I heard on the news tonight that 6% of Americans live in 'extreme poverty.' Evidently the people gathering the statistics haven't been to a third world country to see what 'extreme poverty' is. And yet some of the 'poorest' people are the happiest.