Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ben Nevis

It is the highest mountain in the U.K at 4660ft or 1344metres.
To get there is a challenge in itself and you maybe surprised at how many people you`ll pass or meet on your way up or down.
Although the weather has been good, we were informed of a change of fortunes, from brilliant blue skies to torrential downpours and dark skies.......

My journey at 5am on the Citylink bus no.919 from Inverness to Fort William.
It took 2hrs to reach Fort William and I was quite content at being the only passenger on the bus!
From the bus station I took the 2 mile walk to the start and with favourable weather conditions, the day looked promising....

 The sun`s rays eclipsed the tops of the mountains as clouds seemed to be kept at bay.
The sign that welcomed people near the start and seeing that people from my    Birthplace  (Dudley) was mentioned I felt quite proud that the Black Country Lads had helped in the building of the cairn.
Although a path is mentioned on the map, I wasn`t quite prepared for the ensuing path that guided us all the way to the summit, a feat of engineering and volunteering and backbreaking work that went into and still does is a credit to those who keep doing it, whatever the weather.

The path takes on many forms and in some instances you have to scramble over some of the natural path and it is up and up and up! But the exhilarating feel you get (along with the aerobic workout for free!) is second to none!
And with spectacular views You are in a world of beauty where the landscape hasn`t changed for centuries and if you listen very carefully I`m certain you can here the ghostly tunes of bagpipes playing in the distance and wonder of the many people that have walked this way and made this journey whether out of necessity or just a challenge......


As you get to the top of Ben Nevis ruins of the old observatory can clearly be seen (1883 - 1904) and me being me have to show off my Wolves top! well Wolves may only be top for a few hours, but at least we got there!


The weather held out and with the views where words fail me, all kinds of people make this journey.
Me? I made it because of this and the photographs I take........
No more words, just everlasting views and renewed energy of hope and faith.


  1. Great photos. That would have been an awesome bus journey down the Great Glen taking in the scenery, shame that you couldn't have dropped off nearer the start of the walk. Whenever I see photos of the Ben Nevis footpath, I am always reminded & difficult to believe, but they once drove a car up to the Observatory.
    I did this walk in July 2001 & was shocked by the number of European walkers and in poor walking clothing too. I remember it was freezing at the top ... so time to zip up your fleece again !!! .... & sorry about the football score yesterday ;-)

  2. LOL! I think you deserved to win!
    It was a triumph that was driven up Ben Nevis, hard to believe.
    I think these days only landrovers would get up - or maybe the old Skodas, new cars are like modern houses nice on the outside but don`t last as long and are not sturdy enough for the terrain!