Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Yaks Alot And Donkey Trains!

They are the workhorses of Nepal.

 Even 15 years later, they still roam the hills and mountains of Nepal and carry supplies where no vehicle can go (except helicopters) and they cross the rough and rugged terrain, passing the many prayer flags that join our journey.
We love the Yaks, they seem friendly cows and indeed they are sacred animals here.
Even when one went into a house and wreaked havoc, it was just shooed out much to the other locals and our amusement! so yeah says the lady..... Yaks alot!
I remember when we last came, a bus hit a calf and hundreds of people from villages far and wide came and beat the bus driver to death, thankfully nothing like that has been seen on this journey, but it is a poignant reminder to respect these animals as the villagers will fight to the death for their animals.
But they work the land and help provide food.
The Donkey`s too are well respected, they carry bundles for miles, but they don`t appear distressed or unhappy and they are well cared for, afterall if they are not, they cannot deliver the goods, so healthcare is more paramount than humans.
They are called Donkey Trains because they walk in single file, 20 of them one way and 20 of them another carrying anything.
They are majestic creatures, which unlike majority of livestock in UK, they are working animals and food and are also treasured and not taken for granted, something us Brits could learn.....


  1. Oh my! What amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I thought you were travelling to Yorkshire again, Karen? This doesn't look like Yorkshire at all! Our cows are fatter but not as cute.