Saturday, 22 October 2011

Friendly Sherpa`s and Nepal Hospitality

Although Nepal has changed quite a bit, one thing that hasn`t is the friendliness and hospitality of the Nepali people.
They always seem to have a smile on their faces which is very infectious!
Our guides around the Annapurnna circuit and Thorong La Pass were efficient and helpful.
Our digital equipment failed quickly the higher we got and acclimatising here is essential, it means the case of mountain sickness or enjoying yourself.
There was no rush anywhere and everywhere we went, the hospitality and smiles were the same.
We came to one village and the accommodation had been taken, but one family took us in saying it would be an honour for her, but it was us who was honoured.

A traditional dance that provided good evening entertainment.
Our Brilliant smiling guides, who seemed to walk everywhere in flipflops.
One of the many bridges crossing the Marsygandi River and washing outdoors.

One of the many villages we came across, where food was fresh and available.
Whilst following the route from Besi-Saha to Pisang the river stayed with us, crossing it at several points and I witnessed something quite unique.....
A small boy was playing with a big wooden cartwheel and a stick next to his house by the river, smoke eminating from its chimney, it just reminded me of how simplistic life was here, I no 99% of kids at home would be stuck infront of the tv with their games consoles or mobile phones close to their ears.
Here electricity is not in abundance, we take that for granted in the UK and mobile phone reception is 0, but some idiot will always bring a phone and ruins a good atmosphere!
But they are not devoid of technology, it just takes time and water is provided by the river, with pipes sticking out now and again, its blue colour evident.
I remember the night times and occasionally when outside, fire flies could be seen lighting the night sky, but more often than not lightning storms and heavy rain would dance across the clouds, but by morning it would give way to brilliant sunshine and sometimes unbearable heat.
The monsoon season was over and soon snow would be making the walking areas a dangerous place, but for now we were fortunate with the weather and our guides and speaking Nepali seemed almost like home for me and the Sherpa`s enjoyed the interaction, although I am still learning more words although the written text will take alot longer to learn, but for now, the walking is enjoyable and with so much to write, I`m not sure what to put down, considering I was supposed to stay at home and save some money this month! I miss my Willow though, but I bet she`s having a lovely time with my neighbour!

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  1. Thank you for the photos! What an amazing experience!