Wednesday, 5 October 2011

York`s National Railway Journey

No visit to York would be complete without a visit to its National Railway Museum (NRM).
York itself is known as the walled city, but I am only here a few hours and the museum would take all that time, so next time I`ll stay a few days and explore York more.
The train station tells its own story of fine Victorian structure with big clocks and many a ghostly passing feet upon its platforms.

The museum itself is a short walk from the station and is free to enter, but we paid a donation as it helps to the work and restoration of such splendid steam engines, a past that is proud, though fraught with danger.....
George Stevenson was credited with the first steam train, the well known Rocket back in the 19th century.
As the years, decades and centuries moved on, the train has taken many transformations, first to reaching over 100mph to luxury and comfort of the Orient Express, to the first Bullet Train and whether it will be a viable commodity over here.
But the museum houses so many trains and it to has had a transformation,  I first came here when I was 8 year old, I don`t remember it apart from a big steam engine on a turntable! Its still there, but the museum has always been a workshop and used to employ over 700 workers, but now with less people, mostly volunteers, it is a place where work is still done and pride in steam still pulls in many visitors from home and abroad.
If truth be known, I love steam trains, they have character and a sense of worth, I`m the steam trainspotter!
But go along, have a good look at how steam has earned its rightful place in history.

 Pop into the restaurant inbetween the tracks and next to some stunning carriages..

 The many plaques from the front of decommissioned trains and a 1920`s carriage awaiting restoration

A refurbished cast iron bridge, with only a few left in the country still working, many have since been melted down and sold as scrap.
The famous names of the best known trains, The Flying Scotsman.....
I enjoyed my short visit and could`ve stayed their alot longer, but what d`you think?


  1. These photos came out very impressively, Karen. 'Yorkshire Forward' was the name of our local regeneration agency. This is clearly where they got the idea from.

  2. A great all round set here with some nice text. York railway station is an grand architectural feature that never ceases to amaze me.
    I like the way that the restaurant is tastefully placed on the platform in the museum I never give the museum enough time as there is so much to see in York. I get interested in the locomotives that they hire out to the North York Moors railway for running purposes. I've got an album from in here but I haven't published them yet.