Monday, 3 October 2011

Marathon Day

I`m hoping this would be the only time I retire from the Loch Ness Marathon due to spondalitheisis of my spine, which has now trapped nerves which means I can no longer raise my left leg running or rest it without aching like mad!
So, until I get the op to move the nerves, or discs, I`m currently a bystander, but it did make a refreshing change!
The day started foggy and pouring rain, but this didn`t dampen the hardy spirits of many runners or people enjoying the friendly atmosphere and with many stalls to entertain us and live music from well known Scottish Bands, it was a day that was enthralling and busy with anticipation and hopes of PB`s being broken or just finishing for their charities, raising millions in the process.



 With people keeping dry and runners enjoying the complimentary soup and roll and stalls enjoying the trade, it was a busy time and only a sea of people could be seen for distance!

As many were crossing the finishing time, the Wee Nessie, 5K and 10K and Marathon were a huge success once more and many records were broken.
Even the muddy fields were a challenge to get through, though no one minded.......

 Even the new games that all could enjoy were a huge success and no ones spirits were dampened and then the sun shone through............

 Then as day gave way to night and the many food establishments became full with many a sore leg making their way to beer and food halls and clear night with new half moon shone through and the atmosphere changed once more to merriment and cheer of achievements
gained, but you knew who ran, they were the ones a hobbling and only drinking halfs, but many a tale they have to tell for many an hour! 
Me? I shall look forward to next year and the new challenge I face, but right now, I`m enjoying cool glass of corona looking out at the night sky that is Inverness, The City in the Highlands, the place I want to be....


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  1. It looks like a well organised event. I love the exterior of Inverness castle particularly your photo of it here at night.