Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Spicy Rum And Banana Cheesecake In A Scottish Heatwave!

I couldn`t believe my luck,
Scotland hot and humid at the end of september!
Are we runners going to run the Loch Ness Marathon in glorious sunshine and heat? Or, is the dreaded wind and rain set to return and seal our fate?
With wispy clouds and glorious sunshine, everyone seemed out in force enjoying the belated heatwave here in Inverness.
The last week had been plagued by gale force winds and heavy rains.

With Flora Macdonald covering her eyes from the sun, the flowers bask in the late sunshine whilst the fishermen enjoy a good catch!
Then I thought, well, I`m in Scotland, How about an unusual mix of cheesecake?
I only have the one Morgans Spiced Rum and coke when I`m here, but what if it were put in a cheesecake? An unusual, sickly sort but what the hell, lets give it a go!


3 Ripe Bananas
1 pkt digestive biscuits
1 carton of Double Cream (300ml)
2 cartons of Mascapone cheese
25ml Morgans Spiced Rum
1/2  pkt Butter


Heat half the butter in a saucepan then crush the digestive biscuits until they resemble crumbs and add to the melted butter.
Combine the 2 until the biscuit crumbs are coated in the butter and put in a 21cm sprinform tin, pan out and place in fridge to cool for 30mins.
whisk Double Cream until soft peaks form and put to one side.
Whisk Mascapone Cheese and put to one side.
Beat 2 of the ripe bananas until mushy and add to whisked Mascapone and then add all the cream and the Spicy Rum to the Mascapone.
Take out the tin from the fridge add all the ingredients and with the one remaining banana, slice and put them on the top of the cheesecake and put tin back in fridge to set in 2 - 3 hours.
After that, Enjoy if you dare!

I don`t add gelatine to any cheesecakes these days, I find the gelatine can make mixture stodgey and too thick giving the cheesecake an "awkward texture" instead of light and creamy.


  1. That's definitely worth giving a try! Actually, I'd be happy just to have a roll of Digestives. I loved those things!

  2. That looks scrummy! Your comment over at Cranberry Morning about pumkins reminded me of a time years ago when some friends from the UK came over for the first time. I made them pumpkin pie and they really loved it and told me how rare it was in the UK, so I sent them home with my recipe and a few cans of pureed pumpkin.