Friday, 20 May 2011

Target Zero And The BBQ

 Every Year it raises hundreds of pounds for Marie Curie Cancer Trust.
The beach run is about 3 miles long and you have to determine what time you finish in, although you really don`t know how far your`e actually running, we say 3 miles, but like all the other runs, distance can be an educated guess, unless properly measured out, like the half marathon!
So on a sunny windy afternoon on Balnakiel Beach some 200+ runners of adults and local school children, take part in running across the two beaches (so long as the tides are out!) and coming back along the golden sandy beaches, covered in sand and costumes of every sort flowing around!
I went as Miss Messy (couldn`t find a Mr Men costume for adults!) made out of a sleeping bag liner and remnants of my tent, made with the help of the children from the B&B I stayed in. 

So, with Bumble Bees, cops and robbers, Batman, dalmations, devils, royalty, butterflies and many other costumes on display made there way to the gateway to the beach and with no watches and clocks or phones, off they all went and to see how far out people were with their estimated times!

With the tide not fully out, everybody decided to wade around the rocks and still carry on with the beach run, a fun time was had by all and the children enjoyed it too.
The venue for the BBQ had to be changed due to, yep, high winds and some rain, so instead of being on the beach it went indoors.
The proceeds of the BBQ went in aid of the local school.
The burgers, venison, chicken, salad, sausages and cauliflower fritters were a huge hit with everyone.
The hot chocolate and Banana`s were also a huge hit and they had to go to the local shop to try and get some oversubscribed banana`s!

A great time was had by all!


  1. The beach run was great fun and your 'Miss Messy' costume was a work of creative genius. I hope your journey back home goes well and that you aren't too tired when you get back. Your photos of the events in Durness are great and I have more to send you if you email me for them. It was a fantastic week up there in the north west of Scotland.

  2. Fantastic photo and caption. Bravo!