Monday, 2 May 2011

Meet The Mr Men And Little Miss Team!

When I decided to raise funds for Children With Leukaemia, I asked for a little help, although the little was taken quite literally and 5 "little helpers" came to be part of the team.
I couldn`t turn them down, and with just over a week to go before the big challenge, I wanted to put them through their paces!
Well, I won`t be alone!
I have Mr Bump, Mr Bounce, Little miss Naughty, sunshine and Chatterbox.
They all seemed quite sweet and innocent to start, but then tell tale signs of their characters began to emerge.......
Everything went fine to start, they all learnt and enjoyed the pasta, oranges - the healthy foods, then I noticed the chocolate flake, Naughty little Miss Naughty...
The Mr Men and Little Miss team got everywhere and into everything and it appeared no one was safe, even Willow seemed to be used for a lift, and the cheeky Little Miss team enjoyed it, much to the bemused Willow!

 Little Miss Naughty definitely has the sweet tooth and I have warned that too much fizzy drink and chocolate is bad for her.

She won`t have a big smile on her face for long!

It wasn`t long before they all decided to climb the doors, where they started to sing, not bad but ear muffs come in handy!

Now, how are you going to get down from there?

Naughty Little Mr Men and Miss....
From the tops of doors to inside of the fridge, Mr Bump was quite startled as I caught him eating the raspberry and chocolate cheesecake and he didn`t help with the making of it.......naughty Mr Bump.....
And finally, they all decided to go pole dancing.
I wonder what they`ll get upto next...........

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