Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Marathon And The Farewell Do......

 As with the rest of the week, the weather was not great, but it was perfect for running a marathon!
Wind and driving rain!
We stood indoors before venturing out into the weather that had been with us throughout our fantastic week and this would be our final day - and test or endurance.
I like so many people didn`t want it to end.
We had made so many good friends and faced all the challenges together, we just wanted it to carry on and never end!
Sadly, However, all good things must come to an end.

Our challenge had another twist.
We were not able to get over to the Cape for the marathon, this time it would start at the village hall and follow the A838 towards Kinlochbervie (although not that far) and return.

The anticipation was high and with teams and individuals running, suddenly we were off......
Some would run it in 3hrs, others 6, but the winner would complete it in 2hrs 59mins and 16 seconds, a new record.
My team called Bang tidy (which apparantly means good looking!) came in in 4hrs and 02 mins.
The only problem with the route were the vehicles that whizz passed people without a thought as to whether they would hit anyone or not.
Vans and motorhomes seemed to be the main culprits, but at least no one got knocked over this time.
After the marathon came a couple of hours respite and then the evenings farewell dinner and entertainment and boy what an evening!
 With a banquet fit for a King or Queen, it was quite astounding what effort had gone into the catering and the food was unbelievably fantastic!
Words fail me I`m afraid because I have never been to an event where you are put first and all your needs and help are given and taken care of.
Nothing was to much trouble.
The staff, marshalls, villagers and sponsors all came together to provide a week of outstanding value and long lasting friendship that I never imagined.
From start to finish, everything for the Cape Wrath Challenge was extremley well organised and nothing taken for chance or granted.
The evenings dinner presentation of prizes and fond farewells was quite sad as one of the sponsors John Walker was stepping down and also a couple of the others who had helped over the last 10 years were also stepping down.

 And so it came to pass, that after a hearty feast (I was contemplating putting the menu on here, but I think the pictures will tell the story!) and a few merry drams, it was time in the Scottish tradition to take part in a little highland dancing and then so to bed!
Yes Jim, it was a truly magnificent week and one I shall treasure and look forward to taking part in next year.
Why had I not done this challenge before?
To all those who organised the event,the Sponsors, those unsung heroes who marshalled, volunteered, fed and watered us, cheered us and just spent time with us,To those that looked after us in the B&B`s, Hotels,Youth Hostels or Camp Sites, I`m sure that I will speak for many when I say THANKYOU for giving the time of my life in being a part of such a wonderful event.
I hope the Cape Wrath Challenge continues for many more years yet.


  1. This brought back some good memories. I agree with you, Karen, about the event. It was extremely well organised and very friendly. One couldn't have wished for a better week's running. The only downside was the weather, but even the second-choice marathon route was a great run compared to many others that I have been on. I just need to sort out next year now so I can get to do the run to the Cape.

  2. What a great feast. It seems like this was a great end to an enjoyable time.