Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Raspberry And Chocolate Cheesecake!

Having had a couple of requests for my cheesecake mentioned on previous page, I`m now obliging with the recipe, I hope you enjoy it!


1 23cm springform tin, any size will do it just depends on how big - or small - you like your cheesecakes!
1 300g pkt of Plain Chocolate Digestives
2 Cartons     284ml (10fl oz) of Double Cream
2 Cartons     Cream Cheese (I`ve used Philadelphia which has added a more creamier taste, but Mascapone works just as well)
2lb              Raspberries (use as many or as little as you want) 
2 tbsp         Caster Sugar
A left over Easter Egg or large pkt bar chocolate (plain or milk) 
Butter (half pkt of 250g)


1.  Crush/bash all the chocolate digestives until they resemble crumbs
2.  Put some butter into saucepan (leaving a small `chunk` for later) on a low 
3. Once melted, add crushed biscuits and 2 tbsps  of cream and combine                        mixture.
4. Remove from heat and put in 23cm springform tin, flattening it down and covering the base then put in a fridge for about half an hour.
5. In a small saucepan add remainder of butter and another 2 tbsps of cream and the chocolate (either a large bar or as I did an easter egg) and meltuntil smooth and runny, remove from heat.
6. Whip all the cream until soft peaks form
7. Stir the Cream Cheese (it is already quite stiff so no whipping needed!)
8. Stir in cream Cheese to Whipped Cream with 2 tbsps Caster Sugar (this adds as the glue instead of using gelatine) and all the raspberries and 3/4 of warm melted chocolate.
9. Take out tin from fridge and add the ingredients, smoothing down.
10. Finally "swirl" remainder of warm chocolate on top and put in fridge for an hour or so.


Tip:  I`ve also added flaked chocolate on the top, but you can also decorate with fresh raspberries or chocolate balls!


  1. So why is it that I can't find Digestives here. I mean, every time I've visited England, I go through about two packages of those things. I love them!! And of course I'll be making this cheesecake, although I'll have to substitute something for the Digestives. Raspberry and Chocolate are two of my favorites. Thanks for the recipe. I think double cream is like our 'heavy whipping cream' and that caster sugar is like our 'brown sugar' ?? As they say, two peoples separated by a common language. LOL

  2. I'm warming to scotland thanks to your pics.. Will speak later huni xxx