Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Final Leg And 258.3 Miles Complete!

With the wind and rain being a major factor, I new today would be tough to reach my final destination which was only 42 mile south of Tongue on the No1 cycle route, although the cyclists I would pass would have the wind behind them and only me would cycle into the head wind, but I had a destination to reach and one I would be determined to reach and true, the whole journey would be a battle with head winds and driving rain, and occasionally the warmth of the sun would shine through and again reveal how beautiful the North of Scotland really is.......

 Above, the threat of what was to come, the heavy persistent rain.

Along the A836, the road continued to twist and turn with plenty of up hills to contend with, but with the wilds of nature to view, it was journey that was sadly coming to an end and one I would miss...
 Along the way abandoned houses stood and bridges that were once used as the route to Tongue or the South grassed over after "the new road" was put in.
Altnaharrha in full splendour though 10 minutes before this picture was taken a complete deluge descended from the heavens!

 With raging rivers and magnificient  views to watching the next storm take shape ahead, the travelling was anything but boring!

I could see why many a poet took to the mountains or the seaside for inspiration, it has a profound effect of a long lasting calming that fills you quite uncharacteristically and you can just daydream along without a care in the world!

With water cascading down the mountainsides, it wouldn`t be long before the final deluge and I took refuge in the only Inn along the route to which I was truly thankful.

The Crask Inn has always been a travellers inn and was built in 1815, although it has changed hands many times, it is as warm and welcoming as public house I have been to.
The landlady bought me a pot of tea and a slice of cake and this oldie worldie Inn had a lovely warmth that modernisation would ruin.
If ever your along this way, pop in to the only Inn that time forgot and enjoy a good old fashioned pint or cup of tea, your guaranteed a warm welcome and as it is only 12.5 miles from Lairg your not far from civilisation.

The final leg of my journey was in torrential rain and peddling downhill! 
I was too busy singing to notice the rain, I had completed the gruelling journey I had set out to do, all 258.3 miles of it and chuffed as punch I had achieved alot of sponsorship from people north, south and on-line, I now just needed to get back to Rutland and start collecting!

Thankyou to everyone who sponsored me and believed in me I`ve raised around £3,000 for Children With Leukaemia, Thankyou again, Now to collect it!

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