Thursday, 19 May 2011

The 10 Miler(ish) And The Great Train Race!

Everybody is feeling the strain!
All the running has been virtually uphill, but remarkably records are being broken and times improved. Mine for one! Gould knows what`ll happen when I run on a straight bit, it`ll be record breaking!
But the day would be the one, the 10 mile (ish) of uphill course with one mile of down hill!
We (those who had not done this before) were blissfully unaware (or like me, pleading ignorance!) what the true course entailed, but it had been changed from last year and was longer, a good 2 or 3 mile(ish) longer!
Alot of it though was off road and went into the hills and through the golf course, I waited for someone to shout FOUR! but luckily it never came, on a day like today, it would have been a missile in 30 - 40mph winds and on one section, we were all getting blown up the hills and then down the hills, but our feet couldn`t keep up!
I completed it in 2hrs 06 mins - if it had been on a straight and out of the wind, probably would`ve done it in about an hour!
It was a good course, I think we all felt for the marshalls who were out in the elements, exposed, well done! 
After a shower and brief rest in bed, we went for the evening entertainment of connexions with the locals.
It was a little less energetic than the previous evening of learning Scottish Dancing, which was terrific and the lady teacher was phenomenal and one I would love to listen to again - she was the best teacher I had ever known, who held the class together and kept everybody enthralled and wanting more.
The idea of last nights entertainment was to make a train out of Konnex and make it run down a small track.
The team I was in (called Misfits!) was made up of 3 youngsters and an old fart! (me!)

With my little helpers and the finished train, we finished in a time of 36 seconds, which was good enough for third!
Well done guys! We`ll do it faster next year!

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