Monday, 16 May 2011

Nil Visibility, Spray And Orkney Fudge Cheesecake!

They are smart and play the bagpipes brilliantly!
Even in the pouring rain, they were under shelter, which could be more than said for me!

After packing the bike and finding Willow`s smackos and poo bags in pockets, it tickled me, knowing she was safe with a friend and Mother, even if the vet saw me mother coming and recommended this that and the other for the poor dog! Well done Jan for keeping mother in check!

The route I would take upto Lairg which was about 60 miles away, was one I was actually dreading.
The A9 is the main route to Northern Scotland, going all the way to Wick.
It is busy and with a day like to today, terrible wet and visibility was down to nearly nothing.
The journey took nearly 8hrs to complete, with the spray from the trucks and the torrential rain I was soaked until I got about 20 mile from Lairg, the route was not to bad considering, though I couldn`t see it properly with blurry vision, I literally took pot luck in going today.
I hated the lorries rushing passed, but it could have been worse, it could`ve been thundering and lightening!
With not much  to show for the journey, I was glad to reach Lairg, which is a small village on the Banks of Loch Shin.
Once settled, I went for an explore.

The welcoming sign to Lairg..
I found a little cafe called The Pier, afterall, I was hungry and needed sustenance! 

I ordered soup and a sandwich and The Orkney Fudge Cheesecake.
Both were very good and the cheesecake was to die for!
Light and fluffy with mouthwatering fudge and a strawberry on the side, just complimented the meal.
I topped it with a Cappuccino which also came out with its own design and all very reasonably priced.
The recipe will follow shortly.
Very refreshed and full, I continued alongside Loch Shin and in full view was a hydroelectric powered dam which provides electric, water to the village, just a shame its ugly looking!

 Further along the Loch I found old farming machinery, just left, abandoned along the waters edge, where they were at the mercy from the elements - shame really.
But, in the distance the bad weather was never far away.


  1. Cool pics... Very pretty place

  2. Fantastic food pictures and you have done well with the others. My experience with the weather of anything north of Dingwall is grim.

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