Thursday, 23 September 2010

Willow`s Friends

They are a sprightly lot, 
Of different colours and names not forgot.
All eight of them they run.
They love to sniff and play for fun!
But then they sit down all proud and awaiting instructions.
They are Cocker Spaniels and working dogs too.
There is Lexus, Findlay and Willow number 2!
Then there is Houston. A Down syndrome dog, full of character all of his own.
Then there is Pebbles, Star, Arty and Fluke.
They all live together, no one is alone.
Least of all Willow in her new home.

They are a bundle of joy and happy as can be,
They are all best friends and its lovely to see!
With them roaming round and enjoying the sun,
They are having far to much fun!
But soon it`ll be dark and they`ll be tucked away
`Cos they won`t get up until night turns to day.


  1. Love the photos!! I had always thought our son's dog was a springer spaniel. Maybe she's a Cocker spaniel instead!