Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Old Horse, Leicester

Leicester is like so many towns and cities in the uk.
It has its own cathedral, buildings from different eras with even more bizarre architects designing the buildings.
Leicester is also an old town, bustling with energy that boasts new and old combinations which can look enigmatic and disgusting!
It also boasts a good football team (Leicester City FC) and rugby, Leicester Tigers.
Every year there is also a huge church walk/cycle day that involves, well, you guessed it, a walk or cycle around Leicestershire and visiting every church going, and it is all in aid of  good causes. 

One of the many churches en-route of the visit the churches and chapels of Leicester day.
Had a lovely cup of tea and biscuit and a friendly chat here.

Some of the old and grand designs and still an old shop sign on the side of buildings. Alot of places still have these on.

One of the many signposts pointing the way!
Like most towns and cities too  Leicester has its universities and lots of student accommodation.
In the middle of it all though, I found an absolute gem of a public house and even its sign outside made me want to go and explore!
It is called The Old Horse and a visit you will not regret.
See for yourself......

It faces Victoria Park..

The sign that drew my curiosity - Man Creche!

You are greeted by Burt and the coffin.
Burt is currently on facebook and has more friends than me!

For those who like the "Sharpe" stories, his tunic and memorabilia are here..

The Policemans corner....

Whilst outside, there are signposts telling you how far you are away from.....

A police box... or is it the Tardis?

The Blues Brothers keep an eye out.....

Whilst Laurel and Hardy are flowering around!

And finally the ladies that make you welcome, Dee and Charlie.
The pub does an excellent choice of food and has been seen on the T.V and covered in the local press, I look forward to my next visit and seeing the rest of Leicester myself......... 

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  1. Love these pics! I was in Leicester only for a bit, picking up our daughter at the train station while we were enroute from Hereford to York. But we did eat at a great pub there. I don't know if it was this one. It was a two-story building. Fun to reminisce!