Friday, 10 September 2010

Willow and the mist

I`m Willow, my owner would have told you about me.
Well, I`m going to tell you a little about my journey so far......
As a dog it is custom to take me plenty of walks, I don`t really have any gripes there, but I do enjoy a good rest at the end of the day with plenty of wholesome food (not just the dog biscuit, its very boring!) and the odd meaty joint with gravy goes down a treat!
I enjoy pinching Karen`s bed when she`s not looking, especially after I`ve been for a swim or rolled in something smelly! Ha, she was not impressed when I did, she wouldn`t let me in the tent until after she`d washed me, but the smell lingered - ooh it was funny!
But yes, alas, it is a dogs life, good cuddles and I look up at Karen when she talks to me, which is quite alot, I haven`t a clue what she`s on about half the time (so she thinks) but I pay attention, afterall humans need attention!
But, she lets me wander and have a good sniff around.
I was talking to mrs moo the other day (one of the cows on the farm) you know, talking about the weather and such after August had been such a bad month with the rain and mrs moo had had such trouble with a foot, but after the owners and Karen had visited and helped right the problem she was feeling alot better, but couldn`t walk very easily but it was getting better, anyway (I`m waffling now - sorry, like owner, like dog!) as I was saying I was talking to mrs moo when Karen spotted a one legged duck, she called it Jake - don`t know why, but this duck (Jake) was just hopping by, he was fine, born like he said, but she kept an eye out, just to make sure and yep, he was fine too.

The one morning Karen took me to work on a fruit farm, clearing, but it was so misty, I could smell alot of things and see strange shapes, but it worried me a little, seeing "things" my owner couldn`t see.
She could see I wasn`t sure and reassured me that everything was ok, so I carried on......

You can see why it looks so scary, with the trees branches lurking and trying  to reach out, but I now find them fascinating because the air was so still and everything eerily quiet, until a lorry went roaring by and I scuttled behind my owners legs!
She never got mad at me, just kept reassuring me, but I remember the film "the fog!" and I remember the trail going to Kimmeridge last year and the horses that ran at us, but they never came, that was on our South West Coast Path Walk, I did enjoy that, walking along the coast! 
At least I`ve managed to have a little chin wag! I very rarely get chance to do that, maybe more later, but I`ll leave you with the scary mist, you make up your mind about horror stories, I`m going for a cuddle and bed!

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  1. An unusual interesting alternative viewpoint. You'd better watch out, Willow will be wanting to take over your page !!