Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Aberlour to Aviemore

We bade our goodbyes to Aberlour and with a rucksack armed with Walkers shortbread we headed south and our next stop would be Grantown-On-Spey.
We were still following some of the old railway track but we headed more onto farmers fields and then we followed a fence that protected both person and livestock, a double fence to walk in-between and had to cross two streams with stepping stones and the route was sometimes wet underfoot, but it wasn`t an unpleasant journey, just a little awkward.
Grantown-On-Spey is surrounded by ancient woodland known as the Anagach woods where there are several marked trails that you can follow.
The place itself is also quite an old place with numerous bars and cafes so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out!

From Grantown-On-Spey we were advised not to walk the next section with the dog due to the livestock, but I was a little disappointed, but it is advised for a reason as the livestock would either attack us or be terrified themselves, so to avoid any unnnecessary complications we caught the local bus to Nethybridge and continued on from there, onto a more pleasant route without the double fencing and it seemed a more relaxed walk here and the mountains (still with snow on) could easily be seen and the air was very different here too, cooler but fresher.

It was an unbelievable site but beautiful and beckoning and I believe there were still skiers on the mountains.
Our next place that saw us arrive was Boat Of Garten.
The place was tiny and welcoming with a train station housing a steam engine that was not running until 10am tomorrow, but sadly we wouldn`t have chance to enjoy it as we had to get to Aviemore to get a diesel train to Edinburgh!

The Boat Of Garten inn (which serves very good food at a reasonable price) and the steam train in the background.

We continued on and followed the road through Boat Of Garten for a while before it turn onto woodland tracks and it was pleasant to follow to Aviemore for the last 5 miles.

The view of the mountains from Aviemore Train station, a phenomenal  and awe inspiring view, maybe one day we shall walk them, but for now our journey ends her, next Edinburgh....... 


  1. Sounds like a nice varied walk, shame you had to use the bus. Great view of the snow on the hills which makes the memory of that station I had in June and September a little more dull. In my experience, private railways never run when you want them to. J


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