Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fochabers to Aberlour

Before I start, I have had requests to see more of Willow, your wish is my command!
The journey from Fochabers to Aberlour is hilly, but beautiful following the old rail track with the river criss crossing left and right.

 Enjoying a play!
 A snooze.......
And waiting patiently for me!

One of the many markers pointing the way.
 The views were astounding with the highest point reached (below) and clear fresh air rejuvenating  the tired lungs!

 This was the bridge just outside of Craigellacie, but before you reach the bridge, pop into an old pub en-route, it is quite literally like walking into someones front room and the landlord and locals are very friendly and have a banter with you, making you feel welcome, so pop into the Craigellacie Arms and enjoy the local hospitality.

 Aberlour in the distance....

 The Mash Tun in Aberlour. A building that is shaped in the form of a Mash Tun (a big round barrel) and serves wonderful food and is dog friendly.

The old train station in Aberlour.
Whilst visiting Aberlour, take a trip to the Shortbread factory, where they do tours and you can get plenty of shortbread and other Walkers treats at a fraction of the cost, I know, I did my Christmas shopping here!
But Aberlour is renowned for its Scottish shortbread and you won`t be disappointed!


  1. - Great pictures of the walk
    - I seem to remember the Mash Tun being featured on a TV walking documentary many years ago, but I can't remember which one.
    - I've just returned from a few days in the Scottish hills yesterday, where the B&B, strangely enough, didn't provide any biscuits. I chose the shortbread from the Green Welly stop at Tyndrum because they were McVities (my favourite), but after reading this post, I can't stop thinking about .......... Walkers shortbread !!

  2. I`m going back upto scotland at the end of the month, would you like me to get you some, i`d be delighted!