Sunday, 19 September 2010

Rutland food festival And Boney M join in the fun!

Every year Rutland hosts the Food and Festival show near the water.
It boasts an array of stalls selling different foods and drinks with plenty of mouth watering samples.
There are also plenty of donuts, burgers, jacket potatoes etc for all to enjoy and there are family things to do and take part in.......

A new craze, step into a giant plastic ball and walk on water!

Plenty of food queues!

And drink queues!

Fun on the inflatables

And up the wall!
But it is also a place to bring your dogs.......

And finally enjoy some entertainment curtesy of Rutland Radio with Rob Persani and special guests Boney M.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and remembered the songs they once sung, even when the mics went down, the audience helped them sing along, bringing an atmosphere all of its own and they proved true professionals, Thankyou for good entertainment, it was nice to have a singalong to songs you could sing to!

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  1. I find a mixture of either difficulty or uneasiness in photographing other peoples dogs.... but I'm persisting with it. Events like this always bring out the colourful images....& characters.