Saturday, 12 June 2010

The weather and Bridport

Our trip so far had been met with glorious sunshine but this particular morning we were greeted with torrential rain and a gale force wind.
Wondering what to do, I decided a bus would be the order of the day and take us to Bridport which is where we would stay.
On the trusted bus we went and 45 minutes later through fogged up windows we arrived.
Bridport was an open exposed harbour and we were bitterly cold!
With the dog not impressed it was onto the campsite where i became less impressed.
"how long are you staying?" The helper behind the desk enquired. "2 nights " came my reply,
"thats £56 please...." with a drop of my jaw and a hesitant hand, I took out £30 and said could i pay the rest later? No problem and off we trotted.
Was this site gilted in gold? or national treasures around and untold?
No, but i made a mistake it was a holiday park and no ordinary campsite!
Putting up the tent was a nightmare as we were buffetted this way and that, but i managed to put it up in record time!
Then it was onward and upward into Bridport itself and I was pleasantly surprised by its old market town appearance and friendly people, just a pity it was a miserable day!
We made our way checking out the various shops before finding a pub that would take me and the dog and we found a good place to go and eat, indeed they made us feel very welcome that i can`t remember leaving!
Getting back to the tent was the one though as the poles had been buckled and snapped through the canvas to leave a gaping hole!
Not impressed but i couldn`t do anything tonight apart from cover it with a ground sheet that i had bought as a temporary shelter if it was needed - it was.
Next morning the damage was reviewed and no chance of salvage, but at least it was dry and the sun was beginning to lift its head through murky clouds - its going to be a nice day I said to Willow, she just wagged her tail and rolled around in the grass!
Without a tent I had to get a new one and continue on our journey, but not finding one suitable for our needs I checked my dogs welcome pack to check out hotels and that would help us out.
I found one, though it was further than what i wanted, but with good bus routes, the decision was made and so off we went on the bus (after notifying the holiday park that we would not be staying and getting £2 refund!) and onto paignton we went.

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