Friday, 11 June 2010

Honey with everything!

One of the most natural and useful of foods that can help boost your immune system and is a helpful first aid tonic delivered by the friendly bumble bees is honey.
Often overlooked but I have found it to add a great touch to certain foods, here are just a couple of tasters and remember I am cooking on a camping stove and not with ovens!

Glazed Honey Chicken with sauteed potatoes and Green Beans

2 pieces of chicken (preferably whole breast as you can slice this)
1 large potato (obviously i`m cooking for 1 person so you`ll need more if there`s 2 or more of you!) peeled and diced
A dozen green beans (or vegetables you like!)
A squeezy bottle of Honey (jars are heavier!) any sort will do, honey is good for you so enjoy trying the different types from Britain, New Zealand, Spain etc......

Gently fry the chicken (preferably whole chicken breast, but you can slice up if preferred) in olive oil or similar for about 10 minutes or until meat is tender.

Remember cooking on a camping gaz stove will take a little longer and food poisoning is not recommended!

Remove from heat
With a squeezy bottle of honey (jars are usually heavier!) smother the chicken with a coating of the honey and set aside.
With the potatoes, slice and dice into approximate square shapes and place in frying pan with juices of meat for approximately 10 minutes then remove and set aside.
Being sauteed potatoes, these will take less time to cook and soften quicker, you want them golden in colour not cremated as I did on my first attempt!
The chicken will have had a little time to marinade and now place back in the frying pan for approximately 5 minutes, turning regularly and then add the potatoes and the beans and because they are vegetables, they will not need much cooking so 5 minutes should be long enough and then serve.
Add a little butter (if you have any in your rucksack) or with the melted honey in the pan pour over the beans and you have a lovely glaze and enjoy - me and Willow did!

If you have a cold........

Why not try a teaspoon of honey with the juice of 1 lemon and a teaspoonful of sugar in hot water (not boiling). It makes a lovely drink and soothes your cough and cold.

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