Saturday, 12 June 2010

An Apology And The Beginning - Two Moors Way

Sadly I was unable to save anymore of our South West Coast Path journey due to my old website closing, which is why it is taking so long to write everything up now, my apologies. It is important to find a reliable website when writing or keeping a record of events as I have found out and to my cost.

I want to thank those of you who have joined our journey recently and welcome you, I hope you are enjoying what you read, if not please tell me how I can improve it and thankyou once again, we look forward to hearing from you. Karen and Willow

We finished the South West Coast Path at Plymouth, though we would return to the South West Coast Path and complete it all one day. We headed inland to do The Two Moors Way that would start at Ivybridge and finish at Lynmouth a distance totalling 102 miles, most people can do this trek in a week, though for me it took three. We managed to get a lift to Ivybridge and armed with Ordnance Survey OL28, a newspaper covering the area (this was important as it gave details of where to "freecamp") and a cycle and leisure map of Devon, which proved quite invaluable.

The route through Ivybridge was an unusual mixed with old factories and quaint buildings, the walk was pleasant, though like the old coastal path, hilly to start. Once through the route opens up and then the marker that shows the start of the two moors way. Your immediately on Dartmoor and I couldn`t believe my luck with the weather, blue skies and very warm. My last recollection of Dartmoor was pouring rain and being rescued of it! That was the Ten Tors Walk back in 1986! I think I have been on it since, but my memory is not very good I`m afraid, though I can`t remember what it looked like either. Now as I look at the lush green moorland and Willow running ahead, tail wagging and without a care in the world, I am somewhat lightened even with my rucksack, I have a sense of belonging, of purpose. Sometimes along the journey I had lost that purpose especially at the end of the day when my long suffering back would cry in pain, but the fact that people were relying on me kept me going and continued to give me strength. The start of the walk was fairly easy going, following an old track line and as we could freecamp in certain areas of Dartmoor, I was determined to be able to take full advantage, so long as you keep to the code, most of which is common sense, though it is not surprising how many people abuse this. Daytrippers mainly.

Signs that show the way.

The tracks that led the way

And our view from the "bedroom" Willow still full of play!

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  1. I have just begun the blog experience last week (trying to get mine up to date, i'm a month behind) & although I don't do long distance walking, i find a lot of interest in things on your informative, scenery, walking, tourism & cookery. Not too narrow minded like other blogs but all good fascinating stuff, keep up your "energy" & the good work.