Saturday, 12 June 2010

day 8, and sausage omlette

We left Holne and thanked the lady whose campsite it was for an excellent stay.
It wasn`t long before we were back on Dartmoor and at last seeing the "Dartmoor Ponies" Shoeless and fearless they strode past us without a care in the world.
We passed Aish Tor and onto Dr. Blackall`s Drive, story goes that back in the early 19th century, Dr Blackall had the track road put in so that his pregnant wife could join him in his new establishment.
The track is now a little more worn and rather bumpy in places that to envisage an entourage of horse and coaches travelling along this area that was barron and bleak and quite high in places leaves the imagination pondering what effect the journey had on poor Mrs Blackall?
The views though were breathtaking and sometimes just standing and staring at what is around is worth any efoort of walking.

To become lost in your surroundings can help heal any wounds and just taking time out can charge the batteries or relieve you of any anger within, it quite literally is soul regenerating.

Leaving Dr. Blackall`s Drive we soon departed the moors again leaving Bel Tor and headed down towards more woodland. Finding a cool shade and following a river, we passed its weirs with bridges defying time and torrents. Standing strong and holding the remnants of mushrooms on the stones and moss below, a poets dream surely due!
Before long we were walking uphill and back onto the moor where we were going to camp for the night when we met a couple who very kindly took us down to their campsite and we stayed the night, but we had a visit......

1`oclock in the morning, I had very stupidly left my frying pan outside the tent, although nothing was in it, a certain badger came along and decided to "make off" with item! Willow and I lept into action! not wanting to see my frying pan disappear we scurried after it, but alas we only travelled 2yds outside the tent, the badger was obviously not impressed by its metal (well it was a cheap one!) and duly dropped it and no, Willow got nowhere near the badger to give it a telling of!

Sausage Omlette

Remember these are meals for 1-2 people so portions are significantly smaller!

2 Sausages (any sort you like)
3 Eggs (I prefer more eggs, the eggs fluff up better)
Cheese (how much you prefer)
8 mushrooms (any sort, but for this recipe they are button mushrooms!)
2 tomatoes
2 tablespoons of oil (either sunflower or olive)
salt and pepper to season

Put oil into frying pan and heat until the oil becomes runny,
Place sausages in and fry for about 10 minutes or until cooked and remove from heat.
Cut up mushrooms and tomatoes and add to frying pan.
Grate cheese
beat the 3 eggs and add salt and pepper and cheese.
Cut up the sausages
Remove the mushrooms and tomatoes and put with the sausages on a separate plate.
Place egg mixture in frying pan and watch it bubble!
Add the sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes and cook for 3 minutes or until omlette browned and enjoy!


  1. Looking forward to trying this recipe..... a variation to my (when i'm free) saturday fry up !

  2. Awesome taste, thanks for that. I was a little ambitious as to what I thought get into an Omelette.... quantities will be better next time.