Saturday, 12 June 2010

Slapton to Start Point

From Slapton we headed along the shingle beach, glorious sunshine again joining the journey.
We went through Torcross and onto Beesands which had both survived disasters that had overtook their neighbouring Hallsands.
Again views were breathtaking and we walked some memorable hedge coverings, which had their own unique designs trees that were in full abundance of fruit, indeed the plums were exceptional!

Steps that seem to be here, there and everywhere and long velvet green grass on cliff edges, not out of place and growing very well!

The trees and hedges that have been shaped by man but here long before....

Above left are the remains of Hallsands which in January 1917 an abnormally high tide coincided with an easterly gale. Villagers watched from the hilltops and cliffs as all but one of 30 cottages were destroyed by the storm.
It was said that the removal of tons of shingle were taken to make concrete and this subsequently weakened the natural defences of Hallsands, although this was denied but the villagers were rehoused in North Hallsands around 1920.
Above right is the lighthouse at Start Point.
Below left, a lovely view!
Finally a hot dog taking a cooling off in the sea! Willow enjoys her daily swims!
In all, the journey took us majority of the day, but we arrived back in good time for the fish and chip wagon that arrived every Tuesday evening!

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