Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dartmouth to Slapton Sands via Stoke Fleming

From Dartmouth on another day, which was wet to start, but walking on and passing Dartmouth Castle with all its high walls and old exteriooar.
The coastal path here was as rugged and hilly as any other part of the walk and on several occasions I couldn`t get up some of the steps without crawling on my hands and knees!
The weight of my pack quite literally weighing me down.
Eventually arriving on the top of a big hill, it panned out and carried on weaving its way round the coast.
With pouring rain, we carried on and after about 6 mile we reached a place called Stoke Fleming and a lovely little camp site nearby of which we decided to stay.
After a couple of nights here I was told about another place which was only another 8 mile away and that was Slapton Sands, a camping and caravanning site.
We did indeed carry onto Slapton Sands and a lovely stretch of flat route, the best I found and arrived at our destination in good time.

Slapton Sands was exactly as it had been described to me, flat with shingle beaches and a nature reserve to fulfill the dream.
The old town with its 500 year old church and its old tower looming above, thatched cottages and old world public houses, it was perfectly kept and you felt like you had once more stepped back in time.

I decided that we would use Slapton Sands as a base and travel to other areas without having to haul a big heavy rucksack around.

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