Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Dudley Arms And The Oddfellows

When it comes to eating out in the West Midlands or South Staffordshire I tend to find the best with the best prices and with competition high, that all important meal at the end of a days walking is very important.
I have found two wonderful places to eat and I hope the pictures will speak for themselves.
The Dudley Arms is only two miles from Himley Hall And Park and its variation and prices make for a wonderful, mouthwatering and tantalising feast that is fit for any King or Queen.
The Oddfellows situated on the Bridgenorth Road, Wolverhampton and is an ideal place to enjoy a good old fashioned pub meal and the area where it is situated is ideal for those who are walking the Staffordshire and Worcester Canals, which is 100metres from the Oddfellows (the walk of which will feature later) and it is very busy, booking adviseable.
I`m now going to let the pictures do the talking but for ten of us the meal (including some drinks) cost £105.00! A Bargain!

The Lasagne accompanied by the salad dish and garlic bread was a melt in the mouth experience!

Whilst the Scampi and chips lacked the salad, the coated Scampi was cooked perfectley and we could have eaten more!

The melt in the mouth Chicken  and sauce accompanment with salad dish was well worth every penny, with just the right amount of food, nothing got wasted!

If you want to try a true home made burger, then try this unbelievably enticing burger that made other well known burgers look second best!

Indeed, we all enjoyed the true taste of finally made burgers without the harshness of onions or anything else added, just a burger, nothing more and a true taste of burger heaven!

Or if its the traditional steak and chips you enjoy, then tuck into this succintly mouthwateringly, beautifully cooked to order Rump Steak - you won`t be disappointed!

Even the home made Creamy Coleslaw was devoured with OMG! Perfection of a coleslaw  so understated as 1 of your 5 a day!
Now how about this?
A chocolate cake with soft centred chocolate inner oozing with excellence (warm I shall add!) and a knob of chocolate ice cream and a gentle dusting of icing sugar and this dish went down a treat - and it was all mine! And Dawn`s And Andrew`s And Martyn`s And Twish`s and Mum`s.....................
Or how about the Old favourite The Knickerbockerglory!
Its homemade icecream a heavenly dream!

Or what about the Original mousse, a lingering flavour to savour!

If you`ve enjoyed the pictures, try them for real - resistance is futile!

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  1. It's always a shock when the bill comes for a group of large people but when realisation strikes as the maths is calculated ... ease of mind ensues !!
    You certainly know how to tempt the reader. It would be the Lasagne for me although the other dishes look well prepared too. I think I might have my dinner early tonight !!