Saturday, 17 September 2011

Skegness is not in Scotland!

The train journey to Skegness can be quite a stunning one and with the skies full of rain, not even the sunflowers were put of, giving us a fine display of their yellow petals in full bloom.

Forgive my ignorance but for years I thought Skegness (also affectionately  known as Skeggy!) was in Scotland and not on the East Coast.

Our arrival was warmly met by a very busy tourist high street with fish and chip shops galore! The smell lingered in the air, tempting   us to go and buy some, but we resisted and made our way to the Welcome Hotel, Our accommodation for a couple of days.
It was pleasantly furnished with tea and coffee very welcome.
With my faithful companion in tow, now also recovered from her injury, we made our way to the beach and watched as Willow did plenty of running circles round me and other people, clearly delighted at being somewhere different.
Skeggy with all its beaches and it has something unique that is happening.
Every year land is being formed, its beach is expanding and it`ll take around 200 years before the sands reach the windmills that can be clearly seen out to sea, they are not too far!
Whilst most of the coast around the UK is receding, here it is expanding by as much as 3ft a year, doesn`t sound alot and certainly when you see the tide come in you wouldn`t think it true, but wait til the tide goes out, you have to chase the receding tide!
It is also home to a big site of windmills in the sea, they look impressive, but i`m still not certain about them.....
The lifeboat statiion and clock tower are certain attractions and so to are the lights that light up the night sky along its pier (which used to be one of the longest and oldest, but now it is a fragment of its former self, though still magnificient) and the many amusement arcades that frequent the roads.


 And then where would I be without a picture of Willow enjoying herself!

Skegness is well worth a visit and try the many rides it has offer.
Although the East Coast of Lincolnshire is flat with no major hills, the scenery is stunning and the people friendly, so come on over and enjoy your Fish and Chips!

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  1. Nice to see Willow back and enjoying herself. Nice tribute to Skeggy in words and pictures. It's unusual to hear of an east coast place where erosion is not a problem.
    My only trip to this place was as a car passenger down the main street 15 years ago going to a conference at Butlins.