Sunday, 21 November 2010

Manton Pudding Competition

Manton in Oakham, Rutland, is only a small village, but it has a big heart.
Community spirit is evident with people come far and wide to experience an event that happens once a year and raises much needed funds for the village hall and other enterprises.
This year, Manton received a very special award.
The Gold Award for Manton is a very special achievement award and Mrs Barbara Camp receives the prestigious award from the High Sheriff Sarah Forsythe.

The pudding competition itself involved, obviously, making a pudding!
There were 26 in all and alot of tasting going on!
70 people in all enjoyed trying the majority of all 26 puddings, which consisted   of mousses (not the animal kind with horns!) cheesecakes, chocolate sponges, flans, banoffe pies (my favourite with mars bars cheesecakes!) gateaux  and the ultimate winner orange ice-cream.

My little Mars bar cheesecake effort went down well (better than the rice pudding!) but no awards - oh well, maybe next year?

All 26 puddings together before devourement!

Many a willing "eater" came to taste.

And after?
A welcome cup of 
tea (a typically english tradition)
and lots of empty and half empty dishes.

Orange Ice-cream (the winner) at the bottom of picture in bowls.

Recipes are available, but I have not been able to contact people yet to see if I can display them, so for now, pictures only, but well done to everyone who participated and those who walked out like the weeble wobbles, round and pleasantly overstuffed - me included, I think it could be several days yet before I recover from the sugar overload - still, it is only once a year and I could only manage to try 10 puddings and I`m called a wimp! All in a good cause!

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