Saturday, 4 December 2010

Winter And The Farm

Winter has descended upon us and although picturesque is proving quite a problem on the farm, hence a delay in blogging.
But with a highland cow with a poorly foot, peacocks and hens getting cold and water freezing to the point where the old style of fetching and carrying water comes into play, the days have been long and frustrating, but other days rewarding and enjoyable.

A beautiful view showing the snow and cold so far this year, but this is the best side of winter.

Poor old Tuppence struggling with a back leg injury coping with falling snow as we lay hay on the floor for him to eat and he enjoys lying on it too.
Everyday we take buckets of water out to him to help keep him hydrated.
Although snow contains water, animals don`t see it as that, so it is necessary to ensure they have plenty of food and water.

Our sheep are just the same. We take extra nuts and water out to them whilst others take cover from the cold.

The geese are not too bothered, but there is no pond for them at present.

Whilst the Peacocks and hen rush to the sun whenever it is out to keep themselves warm.
Again, we feed them nuts and they come to the back door to ensure a good feed.

And as usual the dogs always enjoy a good playtime in the snow!
It maybe -7c out here, but these guys don`t mind if its -15! Throw them a snowball or show them a rabbit and they`re more than happy!

The end of the day and still some lovely scenery to be admired, but the cold weather still keeps going and we`re all feeling it.
But we are all doing our bit, to keep the community spirit going and taking care of one another.
I love the snow, but with the farm and seeing the other side where people are struggling, things don`t seem as enjoyable, but we keep each other going and looking after the animals is first and foremost and if it wasn`t for the farmers who keep us going, the uk would not be able to look after itself.
So, lets keep the stiff upper lip and show everyone else how we can do things and still bloody smile!!!

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